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Welcome to The Elm Blog – A guide to navigating health and lifestyle by Dr. Alicia Robbins

Midlife Medicine

And all the things your doctor doesn’t have time to talk to you about…

Welcome to my new blog. Im not sure anyone will read this or that anyone reads blogs but I wanted to provide a free and easy resource for women who want some guidance on their health and lifestyle. Basically, all the stuff your doctor doesn’t have time to talk about but is important…

I will discuss new trends in women’s health, common questions I get asked and things I find just generally interesting or useful. My passion is helping women feel better and hopefully you will at the very least, find some useful info here. Think of me as your GYN best friend!



We as women give so much to those around us that it’s easy to little by little slip into a routine that doesn’t prioritize our health. Maybe its because I’ve reached my midlife and realized I’m not invincible. Maybe its because Ive decided I want these next years to be better, whatever the reason (and there are many) I started becoming interested in the intersection of medicine and lifestyle because I really believe that’s where the sweet spot is. You can’t optimize your health without addressing your lifestyle.

We often talk about “nutrition” and “lifestyle” but what does the science say and what does a healthy lifestyle look like? That’s where I come in. As a physician, I am trained in analyzing research and studies. I have access to experts and inside perspectives. I am more than happy to share any of my knowledge, mistakes and experiences if they help any of my friends and patients feel better. Because at the end of the day, Im a girl’s girl and I truly believe, investing in ourselves has positive effects on all those around us.


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