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After years of working in a large traditional practice, I realized that high quality medicine is only delivered when physicians have plenty of TIME for patients. I want to get to know them and their "social determinants of health" in order to offer better results in a more long lasting way. I like to get to the root of my patient's problems and really make a long-lasting impactful difference which includes addressing their lifestyle. This can only be done with more time allotted to less patients. Additionally, I take the role of being your primary gynecologist seriously and in order to be available 24/7 for urgent issues and emergencies, I cap my micro practice in order to deliver on my promise. 

Why membership medicine?

The concierge option includes: 1 hour long "annual" exam, a comprehensive pelvic ultrasound and all subsequent necessary follow ups, as indicated. At The Elm, we offer appointments in a timely manner and all visits are booked for 30 or 60 minutes to ensure that all concerns are addressed. I help coordinate care and act as your advocate in navigating our current healthcare system. 

What is included in the concierge option?

I only perform "annual" exams on my concierge patients due to the fact that I take my responsibility as my patient's primary gynecologist very seriously. This means being responsible for any urgent or emergent issues that may arise. 

Can I just see you for my yearly pap smear?

Lifestyle medicine is a formal area of medicine that I describe as "wellness but evidence based" that focuses on the 6 pillars of lifestyle in order to holistically address and optimize one's health. The 6 pillars of lifestyle medicine are nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management, avoidance of risky substances and social connection. I am currently training in Lifestyle Medicine in order to better care for my patients. Nutrition is at the core of my practice as it is my belief, that nothing works optimally without this as a foundation. I am certified from Harvard Medical School in helping patients maintain their nutrition and lifestyle plans. 

What is lifestyle medicine?

We understand that we all have jobs and families and unforeseen things/sickness happen. We ask you to please be considerate of our preparation for your visit and cancel >24 hours if possible. If this is not possible, our cancellation policy is $75 will be charged for visits cancelled <24 hours.

What’s the deal with cancellations?

Yes! I am formally certified in menopause (The Menopause Society) and will use a combination of hormone replacement therapy (when appropriate) and proven lifestyle recommendations to help with the transition of perimenopause and menopause. However, any patient for who I am prescribing medications and hormones must be part of my membership practice.

Do you treat PERIMENOPAUSE, menopause and hormones?

In order to deliver on my promise, I cannot participate in commercial insurance. However, I do provide “superbills” for your annual exam and procedures, which can be submitted to your insurance company to get some portion of the visit reimbursed. The amount of reimbursement varies depending on the insurance.  Bloodwork, pap smears and imaging, like mammograms, are billed through insurance.

Can I use my health insurance?

Calls after hours regarding pelvic pain, heavy bleeding, UTI's and concerns after a procedure are welcome and can be addressed after hours or on weekends. 

What constitutes an "urgent" issue?

Unfortunately at this time we do not treat pregnancy but can make the appropriate referral to providers who do. 

Do you treat pregnancy?



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