1 E Putnam Ave • Greenwich , CT 06830
(203)-935-8454 | (203)-643-2054 (f)

1 E Putnam Ave • Greenwich , CT 06830 | 203-935-8454 | 203-643-2054 (f)

After working in a large practice, I became aware that I needed more time with my patients. Additionally, I realized that between and after having kids, there is not a lot of individual guidance for women on how to feel better and optimize our health.

So, I set out to create the type of practice that I would want to go to: a place where we address not just your basic GYN health, but also concerns about sleep, nutrition, weight and overall quality of life issues. These are the very topics that get pushed to the bottom of the list and are rarely discussed in most visits, yet, they are the very things that affect a woman's life on a daily basis. I strongly believe that our quality of life matters and I want all women to feel their best. Here at The Elm, by blending women's health and lifestyle, we have strived to create the ideal practice. With two distinct membership models, we are here to help women thrive throughout all stages of life. 

The Elm is here to offer the women in my community the compassionate, modern and personalized care that they need and deserve. I take my commitment to my patients seriously and therefore take on a limited number of patients in order to provide the best quality of care. 


The Elm, founded by Dr. Alicia Robbins, is a boutique women’s health practice which offers personalized care to women in New York and Connecticut. We are here as an alternative solution by providing seamless access and unrushed appointments.

A boutique practice specializing in women's health and Lifestyle Medicine services

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1. prioritizing quality of life

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"They treated me as an individual, considering my physical, emotional and mental well being."

- Kelly G.